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  • Hawk Pump
  • high pressure pump hawk 100 bar - 1500 bar water jet cleaner

High Pressure Pump Hawk 100 Bar - 1500 Bar Water Jet Cleaner

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17 / 03 / 2021
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Detail High Pressure Pump Hawk 100 Bar - 1500 Bar Water Jet Cleaner

HAWK pumps and accessories are used in an endless range of applications. They are used in high-pressure washers (with hot and cold water) to clean vehicles, agricultural machinery, earth-moving equipment, industrial machinery, boats and aircraft. They are used in industrial cleaning (including food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries), community services (schools, hospitals), farming (stables, breeding farms, silos).

They are used for tank cleaning: industrial and food tanks, tankers, rubbish skips; for sandblasting and paint-stripping surfaces, building façades and walls; cleaning of monuments, cleaning and maintenance of ship hulls. They are used in fixed installations such as car wash tunnels (for vehicles, equipment and food containers) and in self-service car washes. They are also used in other applications including misting (greenhouses and industrial applications), dust abatement, fire-fighting systems and pipe, drain and sewer maintenance.

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